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Are you taking a trip by plane soon? Be sure you are up to date with the latest airline regulations. Here are some important things to keep in mind before you board that jet so you know what you can and cannot pack, how a long trip can adversely affect your health, and how to arrive at your destination alert and ready to enjoy your destination instead of tired and cranky.
  • travel airregulation
    Since 2006, air security rules have been reinforced; it is thus essential to be careful when packing to avoid unnecessary waiting time at security checks. The rules which are presented below are those established by transport authorities. Some air companies and certain airports have… 
  • travel economyclasssyndrom
    Economy class syndrome is a common but preventable hazard linked to frequent or long plane trips. 
  • travel jetlag
    Avoiding jet lag is not as hard as one may think, and a few pieces of advice can take you a long way in dealing with it.  

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