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  • can-i-get-a-new-passport-without-a-chip
    Once a country starts to issue electronic passports, you cannot get one without a chip. The move to electronic passports is worldwide, driven by the realization that paper-based passports can be too easily altered and falsified. There are international agreements in place and more than 50 countries… 
  • do-e-passports-vary-from-country-to-country
    This comment is usually made in respect of comparing the passports of different countries in order to grade them or to try to remotely identify them. Practically all e-passports conform to the ICAO standard Doc 9303 (ICAO refers to International Civil Aviation Organization, an organization of the… 
  • what-documents-are-required-to-obtain-an-epassport
    To obtain an electronic or biometric passport in your country, you will need to first provide proof of your citizenship. This includes a certified copy of your birth certificate, naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship. Many countries also require you to provide government-issued… 
  • will-a-non-working-chip-invalidate-the-e-passport-and-will-i-be-denied-entry
    ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has definitely stated that an e-passport with a non-working chip must be regarded as a legitimate travel document, and the owner should not be denied entry based on this alone. It was recognised that a small percentage of chips will fail due to… 

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