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Taking a trip is always exciting, but there are some important things to keep in mind if you have special needs. Your health, and the health of your children, should be your most important consideration. Do you know what precautions should be taken if you have allergies or diabetes? Find out what you can do before your trip to be sure you have a good time and stay safe- and healthy- so that your trip really is the trip of your dreams.
  • senior
    As a senior, you now have a great opportunity to travel and visit foreign countries you might not have had the time to visit before.  
  • medical pregnant
    Although it can be perfectly safe to travel during your pregnancy, a few extra precautions must be taken to ensure a safe trip for you and your child.  
  • handicap
    A physical disability certainly does not prevent travelling, but it does make travelling more complicated, as certain parts of the world might not be appropriately equipped to meet your needs.  
  • heart-disability-condition
    As travelling is a tiring experience that can strain your body, you should be cautious about your general health while away, especially if you are suffering from heart condition.  
  • allergies
    Planning a trip can be stressful for anyone, but even more so if you are suffering from allergies.  
  • diabete
    There is no reason that you should not travel if you have diabetes, but as it is a condition that is potentially deadly, you should plan your trip carefully.  
  • medical travellingkids
    Due to variable immunity levels and age-based behaviours, children travellers have specific health needs.  

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