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When taking a trip overseas, it’s best to explore the safety of the area in which you intend to travel. Some countries are more prone to unexpected violence than others. If there is a possibility of civil unrest, there is usually a history of that in the country. There are different safety risks posed in each country, so the best plan of attack is to arm yourself with knowledge and find out as much information as you can about the country before traveling.
  • civil_unrest
    Civil unrest can vary in size and form from small, organized rallies to large-scale demonstrations and rioting.  
  • abduction
    Kidnappings are generally done for extortion or for political and ideological purposes.  
  • lgbt
    A few pieces of advice for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual travellers.  
  • security_abroad
    During a trip, no matter where you are traveling, your safety can be challenged. Nevertheless, the risks are not the same for all destinations.  
  • terrorist_attack
    Travelers must be aware that a terrorist attack may occur at any time in any country of the world.  
  • woman_traveller
    A few pieces of advice to ensure the safety of women travellers.  

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