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Netglobers is more than just a travel website; it’s the travel info source for wanderlusts around the world. Netglobers includes everything travelers need to know about where to go and what to see, but it also works as a tool to guide people safely around the world.

Netglobers created a news section to help inform travelers on what’s happening on the planet, including regular updates about current events. The latest political upheaval, environmental disasters and global security issues can all be found at your fingertips. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Netglobers news also keeps travelers abreast of the latest cultural and sporting events in every corner of the globe.

Of course, Netglobers wouldn’t be possible without our passionate editorial team made up of well-traveled writers. Whatever is happening we’ll be on top of it, helping keep you up-to-date and accompanying you on your adventures.


Edward Leeron

Cap Seo reporter


Vuvu Masia

Netglobers reporter


Jason Swich

Crisis Consulting Reporter


Annabelle Swan

Netglobers reporter