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  • 2011-10-31 14:05:22 (:) - Business & Money
    Qantas flights resume after industrial dispute

    Qantas Airways resumed partially its flights during the afternoon of Monday, October 31st (local time), after having grounded the entire fleet over the week-end due to an industrial dispute. However, flight disruptions, especially flight delays, are expected to continue for the next 48 hours, the time for Qantas to clear the backlog.

    On Saturday, October 29th, Qantas’ decided to ground the entire fleet; this resulted in the cancellation of some 440 international and domestic flights and disrupted travel for some 70,000 passengers over the weekend. This decision was a response to a longstanding industrial dispute over working conditions which led to extensive industrial action over the last weeks. However, the Fair Work Australia labour relations Court ordered Qantas Airways and airline unions to stop the strike action and resume operations on Monday, October 31st. Over the past weeks, the airline has been facing several strikes and flight disruptions as unions are asking for better working conditions.

    Passengers travelling with Qantas Airways are advised to check their flight status before heading to the airport. For more information, please contact the airline.

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