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  • 2012-03-19 16:52:40 (:) - Business & Money
    Air New Zealand forced to ground flights

    Air NZ flights forced to ground

    Thousands of passengers have been displaced after nine jets have been grounded after window cracks appeared in the cockpit of one of Otago Air New Zealand’s planes. Twenty-two flights have been cancelled as the airline investigates the origins of the cracks. The cancellations have caused chaos for travelers with at least 2,000 left stranded, mostly in New Zealand. The domestic carrier of Air New Zealand is working to find alternatives to get passengers up in the air. Otago is operated by Mount Cook airlines, a partner company of Air New Zealand. The window hairline cracks were discovered in Christchurch, New Zealand during a routine maintenance check.

    Grounded Air New Zealand flights reap havoc for passengers

    With at least 2,000 passengers affected by grounded and cancelled flights, Air New Zealand is urging travelers to visit its website for regular updates. Passengers traveling with Air New Zealand internationally should not worry about delays as the problems only concern the Mount Cook ATR-72 fleet. With one of the highest safety ratings in airline travel, Air New Zealand says that the flights were kept out of the air as a precautionary measure.

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