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  • Ellen Halfwerk
    Ellen Halfwerk
    Freelance photographer and online travel writer
    Ellen is a self-taught, freelance photographer, online travel writer and a passionate traveller. In her photography, her topics of interest are Travel, Food, Portraits and Fine-art images which are charachterized by colour and detail. She also works on corporate and private assignments. Ellen believes in capturing the essence of a moment and producing evocative images. She’s the winner of our 2009 Netglobers 2nd Chance competition and the creator, contributor and editor of World2Discover, a website where independent travellers can find information, inspiration, advice and just good fun on all things related to travel.

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  • Michael Sick
    Michael Sick
    25 year old austrian semi professional photographer, born in Linz, the capital city of Upper Austria. Began photographing in 2006. Now contributing art at IStockphoto,Fotolia and DeviantArt.

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  • Brittany Bolduc
    Brittany Bolduc
    Student Photographer
    Brittany Bolduc is currently a student at the University ofHartford studying Illustration and business. She’s also interested in photography, ceramics, sculpture, and other art forms. She loves being in nature and enjoys spending time with her amazing friends and family.

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  • Tyler Nowosielski
    Tyler Nowosielski
    Tyler Nowosielski likes to go out and take pictures of basically everything that catches his eye. It could be anything from the dew on a leaf to the sun beaming down on a flower. He mainly takes pictures of landscape scenes and nature in general. He has also done work in macro and with people as well, like weddings.

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