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Tikal mayan ruins
December 31 2009
Absolute gorgious experience! Tikal ruins are in Northern Guatemala, in the middle of a tropical jungle. They have been well preserved from mass tourism as it is located in a relatively remote area. You’ll be able to walk around in the forest, have monkeys going from trees to trees on top of your head, admire and go on top of several temples.
I would advise to be in the Park fro either the sunset, or the sunrise or both of them.
  • Oh that's something I'd definitely like to see!…
    Oh that’s something I’d definitely like to see! My question is: is it hard to get there? Do you have to walk to get there, and what are the conditions?
    January 06 2010
  • Thanks for sharing your views about the…
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    March 27 2012
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