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  • 2012-04-20 15:50:00 (:) - Politics
    Visa-free travel to Spain suspended ahead of ECB meeting

    Senior government officials in Spain recently announced that the Schengen Treaty will be suspended ahead of a meeting of European Central Bank (ECB) officials on May 3, according to The Associated Press.

    The decision to suspend the treaty, which allows residents of the European Union to travel within member states without visas, was made following last month's riots in Barcelona as part of strikes conducted by general labor unions. Visitors planning to travel to Spain during the week preceding the meeting will require travel documentation to pass into and out of the country.

    Officials believe that significant numbers of demonstrators will travel to Spain to protest the ECB meeting from countries such as Italy and Greece, which are facing severe fiscal austerity measures in light of the continuing Eurozone financial crisis.

    The Guardian's Madrid correspondent Giles Tremlett told the news source that, in addition to protesters from other E.U. member nations, Barcelona has a significant number of anti-establishment groups that may converge on the city to disrupt the ECB summit.

    Visitors planning to travel to Spain are advised to check with their embassy or travel agency prior to departure.

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