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  • 2012-04-16 16:38:20 (:) - Business & Money
    Saga cruise tour canceled due to engine trouble

    Saga cruise tour canceled due to engine trouble

    Saga Cruises canceled the maiden voyage of their newest ship, Sapphire, due to engine trouble. Currently docked in Valencia, Spain, the ship is undergoing repairs and passengers will be flown to the UK over the next few days, according to the Daily Mirror.

    Sapphire's first trip was initially delayed for a week following a number of worker strikes. After undergoing four months of extensive renovations, Sapphire's flagship voyage disembarked on April 3 from Southampton, England, soon making its way to Casablanca, Cartagena, Majorca and Ferrol. Two weeks into its 23-night voyage, a problem developed in one of the two main engines, forcing the ship to make an emergency detour to Valencia

    Although the cruise could have continued with one working engine, Captain Alastair McLundie made the decision to discontinue the trip. Replacement parts are en route to Valencia as engineers attempt to work out what went wrong.

    Before flying back to Southampton, passengers remaining on the ship in Valencia will get a full refund for their shortened vacation and are receiving complimentary champagne and dinners while they wait for their flights.

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