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    Nobel Prize Day in Stockholm

    Each year on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, December 10th, Nobel Prize day occurs. On this day, His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav makes the presentation of the Nobel awards. These are prizes in the categories of chemistry, physics, economics, literature and medicine. The ceremony itself is held in Konserthuset, which is in Stockholm. There is a huge banquet held after the prize ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall, or Bia Hallen in Stcokholms Stadshus. The banquet is for 1,200 invited guests only, including past winners, politicians and royalty from other countries. Alfred Nobel was best known for inventing dynamite. The awards were established in 1895 after his death to recognize both scientific and cultural advances, and his huge fortune funds the prizes. Being honored with a Nobel prize is very prestigious.

    Stockholm Visitors on Nobel Prize Day

    If you are lucky enough to be in Stockholm on December 10th, which is Nobel Prize day, you might want to hang around the Stockholm Concert Hall to see the large crowds forming. Because the formal ceremony is invitation-only, chances are good that tourists will not end up inside the hall, but there will be many people crowding the streets that day to get a glimpse of the guests who will attend the ceremony and the banquet afterwards. No public access is allowed for any of the events of Nobel week, but the restaurant at city hall serves samples of the Nobel banquet menu that tourists might find tasty. There is also a Nobel Museum for tourists in Old Town.

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