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  • 2011-11-14 13:53:54 (:) - Business & Money
    Greek’s public sector to strike on November 15th

    ADEDY, the main public sector union in Greece, has called for a nationwide strike on November 15th from noon to the end of the day. The union plans to demonstrate at 01:00 pm on Klafthmonos Square in central Athens and near the statue of Venizelos in Thessaloniki. Clashes between security forces and protesters could erupt during the demonstrations and sporadic violence cannot be excluded. Transport disruptions are likely during the strike.

    Greece is facing a deep economic and political crisis that has forced the Prime minister Georges Papandreou to quit the power last week. The country has been forced to adopt several austerity measures to avoid the default and to get the financial support from the European Union. Greece’s economic situation has created a great social unrest; demonstrations and strikes, denouncing the poor living conditions and the degradation of the standard of living, are common since 2010.

    People travelling to Greece are advised to confirm all their travel arrangements. Avoid all public gathering and demonstrations as they might turn violent at short notice. Stay away from governmental buildings during the strike. 

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