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  • 25 june 2009 (16:00) -
    Flood alert in Central Europe

    Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are under flood alerts.

    Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are under flood alerts. In Austria, the river Danube has risen this week after some of the heaviest rainfalls in 50 years. The water level was expected to overflow in Vienna on Thursday, June 25. In Czech Republic, severe flooding killed at least 8 people near the country's border with Poland and Slovakia. Authorities issued several flood warnings for the following areas: Jihomoravsky, Moravskoslezsky, Olomoucky, Pardubicky, Vysocina, Zlinsky. In Hungary, water management officials expect the Danube to peak at 700cm along its stretch in Budapest at the weekend. The river will flood the riverside roads, which will be closed. Polish authorities Wednesday declared a flood alert in the southern parts of the country following heavy rain that inundated a vast swathe of the country and cut off roads. Several rivers also overflowed in the Krakow and Rzeszow areas in the southeast. In Slovakia, authorities declared on Thursday, June 25, a second flood alert in the western part of the country.

    Forecasters predict additional rain and thunderstorm at least through Sunday, June 27.

    Travellers must monitor local media for further information and must follow all the recommendations given by the authorities. Exercise caution while travelling in affected areas, trains and road traffic may be suspended.

    Author : Crisis Consulting
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