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  • 02 april 2010 (17:30) -
    Guinea-Bissau in political turmoil

    On April 1, Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior and General José Zamora Induta were arrested during a military coup.

    On April 1, Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior and General José Zamora Induta were arrested by the military. They have been released after being briefly detained. On Friday, April 2nd, Carlos Gomes Jr. was freed from house arrest. A top military officer, General Antonio Indjai, claimed to have seized control of the army. The streets are rather calm because of General Antonio's threats on the population. Claims, protests or demonstrations are forbidden. The situation remains highly unstable.

    The situation remains unclear about who is really running the army, the most powerful institution in the country. Thursday’s events raise concerns about the political instability of Guinea-Bissau. The country has been in political turmoil since the assassination of the President João Bernardo Vieira in March 2009. This top military general had governed the country for most of its short period of independence from Portuguese rule in 1974.

    Guinea Bissau counts 1.5 million people and is one of the poorest country in West Africa. Context is worsened by traffics (human; drug). Most of western embassies advise against all travel to Guinea-Bissau until the situation in the country becomes clearer. If you are currently in Guinea, you should follow all recommendations given by your consulate or Foreign Office.

    Author : Crisis Consulting
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